General Physicians

Be Mentally Healthy, Be Brave and it will pass by. They are concerned with the future of everyone. A general physician examines patients’ conditions, diagnoses them, and consults people about preventive treatment. Our Physicians are individuals who specialize in specific diseases, illnesses, or organ systems of the body. Whether the referral identifies single or multiple health problems, the general physician’s assessment is always known. This comprehensive approach allows diagnosing issues and considering medical possibilities that might otherwise go unrecognized. Further, they are taught to deal with the disease’s social and psychological consequences.

At Dr. Shaista Lodhi Medical Center, the general physicians have trained extensively in performing careful studies of research papers and pharmaceutical companies’ claims about new treatments. They are knowledgeable about the unique interactions that occur when many drugs are given simultaneously to tackle a patient’s multiple problems. The general physician possesses unique experience in making treatment decisions for patients suffering from complex and life-threatening. The general physician possesses different experiences in making treatment decisions for patients suffering from complicated and life-threatening. General physicians are well-educated to consider the full spectrum of a patient’s health issues. They are qualified to assess and choose medicines and other medical therapies sensibly in order to avoid and treat illness and they are capable of caring for patients as individual professional decision-making expertise and cost-effective use of reducing health care resources.