Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions

Semi Permanent Makeup

Tired of applying false lashes? Worry not! With semi-permanent eyelash extensions, you can get eyelashes that last longer and help you to achieve the bigger and fuller lashes of your dreams. Eyelash extensions Semi-permanent are one of the most popular beauties all over the world. Dr. Shaista Lodhi the Aesthetics clinic provides the best services of semi-permanent makeup in Karachi, Lahore Pakistan. The Aesthetics clinic has already treated many clients and celebrities.

How the Process is done?
what you can expect from the process:

The technician should go through all the risks and benefits of having eyelash extensions before applying them, and also ask about any conditions you may have that would make eyelash extensions unsuitable for you.

Decide on Extension Length and Curl Strength:

Your lash artist should start the process by asking you what kind of look you’re going for, whether that be more glamorous or more natural. Based on your desired look, you’ll choose an ideal length and curl strength for the extensions

Cleansing the Eye Area:

They will cleanse the area to remove any makeup, oil, and germs from the area.

Applying the Tape and Eye Gels:

The lash artist will apply an under-eye gel to your lower lash line to keep your lower lashes out of the way, then, the eye gels will be secured with medical-grade tape on both sides of the eye this tape doesn’t touch your lashes.


Your lash artist will dip the end of each extension in the lash glue and then apply it to your individual lash although you may feel anxious having tweezers operate so close to your eyes while they’re closed.


your lash artist will likely have you sit for around 10 minutes to dry all of the extensions that have been applied.

Removing the Tape and Gels:

Once your lashes are completely dry, your lash artist will remove the under-eye gels and tape.

Benefits of Eyelash Extensions
There are many advantages that are an attractive option for both women and men:
  • Save time getting ready and save money on cosmetics.
  • Results are completely customizable to suit your personal style.
  • Enhance your natural features with subtle results.
  • Achieve a look that you’ve been unable to create with traditional cosmetics. Finally get the long, dark, full lashes you’ve always wanted.