Face PRP

Face PRP

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP), popularly known as the “vampire facial,” has gained so much attention that it may appear that we have finally discovered the elixir of youth. This procedure is an all-natural way of rejuvenating and repairing the skin by harnessing the natural healing power of your very own blood. Around the age of 25, the rate of collagen production in the body begins to decline significantly. It will continue to diminish substantially unless some steps are taken to increase its production rate. In this treatment, skin is penetrated by human blood that heels existing collagen and a body starts to grow new, stronger, healthier collagen.  This treatment can make the face appear fresh, healthier, and wrinkleless.

PRP has become a highly sought-after non-surgical procedure for skin rejuvenation. It uses your own blood platelets to stimulate collagen & revitalize your skin, here in Pakistan Dr. Shaista Lodhi the Aesthetics Clinic provides the best services in Karachi, Lahore Pakistan. PRP helps to improve your complexion, skin texture & restore loss of facial volume.

For whom is the PRP therapy suitable?

The PRP treatment is suitable for anyone who wants to do something for their skin when it comes to anti-aging. To prevent wrinkles in time, to treat existing wrinkles, or to increase the quality of your skin.

Is the PRP therapy painful?

The PRP treatment is almost painless because you will be given a numbing cream 30 minutes before treatment.

Is It Effective?

Yes! Of course, the PRP Treatment for Skin in Dr.Shaista Lodhi the aesthetic clinic. The effects of this treatment will be glowing and satisfying, and you will get a natural look.

Benefits of Face PRP Treatment

1) It treats delicate and difficult to reach areas

PRP is extremely effective for treating difficult areas where lasers and other treatment options can’t be used. This includes the delicate under-eye area where patients often notice signs of aging first.

2) It is non-surgical, non-invasive, and safe

The procedure requires no incisions and no surgery. The only component needed is just the client’s blood drawn from the arm.

3) It is quick and pain-free (It will go away in a few hrs)

Because the treatments are non-invasive, they can take only 30 minutes to complete without any pain and can cause only very minor redness, which will go away in a few days.

4) It is all-natural

No foreign components are added to your PRP injections. The only property used in the treatment injections is your own plasma cells that have been separated by the centrifuge from your blood.

5) It has long-lasting results

Results from PRP take between three to four weeks to appear but are long-lasting.

The Results:
The procedure outcomes depend on how their skin reacts, and its effects are amazing and miraculous. At Dr.Shaista Lodhi the aesthetics clinic we know what precautions to take to provide face PRP treatment safely and effectively.