Lip Tint

Lip Tint

Semi-Permanent Makeup

Permanent lip liner and lip tint are a safe and natural-looking alternative to the expense and everyday practice of applying makeup in the morning and frequently during the day. It is a state-of-the-art technique for putting cosmetics permanently using intradermal micropigmentation. Also, Lip tint is a type of cosmetic tattooing that semi-permanently enhances lip color by depositing colored ink into the lips with a mechanical needle. After getting lip blush, you can still wear lipsticks and lip colors to switch up your look, if you like but many lip tint clients are happy to go without lip makeup.

The procedure employs a single-use, disposable technology to deliver high-quality semi-permanent colors to the skin. These pigments are applied to the lips to create a range of effects varying from a natural, soft appearance in a nude tone to a dramatic bright color that resembles one’s favorite lipstick. The procedure can begin after consulting with the expert about the form and color of a person’s preference.  Individuals can choose between a natural or dramatic look, and pigments are custom mixed to meet their requirements. Individuals have total control over their therapy. Once the treated area is numb, the permanent makeup procedure begins. Following the completion of the new permanent lip procedure, individuals are given written instructions on aftercare and the healing process.

How long does a lip tint (semi-permanent makeup) last?

The needle that is used does not apply the pigment color deep into the skin unlike other treatments, due to this, the pigmentation then lasts around for up to 6 months and can vary depending on each individual’s natural lip color and the number of sessions they have completed beforehand.

What are the benefits of lip tint (semi-permanent makeup)?

The benefits of lip tint are as follow:

  • Natural-looking.
  • Versatile as you can layer for a slightly brighter look.
  • Light feeling on the lips and often fragrant.

Is lip tint (semi-permanent makeup) Painful?

Even though, yes, it’s a tattoo on your mouth your tattoo artist should use a topical numbing cream that’ll significantly dull your pain.

Is permanent lip color safe?

Permanent makeup is safe and should always be performed by a professional to avoid any infections and complications from tools and avoid any potential disasters that could ruin your features.